Indochina: Seven kilos of happiness Part 4

Day 5: Thursday

We woke up at a laid back town of Phuket. The stars were still evidently shining at 8am. The only thing left behind was the sound of old songs usually played on Sundays. We walked for food until we reached Phuket Walking Street Market. Everyone seemed to have long night I guessed, but the good thing was, we found a place to eat and buy groceries.

We arranged for tuktuk transfer to Rassada Pier along with the round-trip ferry ride and Phuket City Tour at the hotel. At 11am, we left our baggage and brought only what we need for a night on Phi Phi Island.

We arrived on island together with tourists. Unlikely to Boracay, the island is full of Westerns and less Asians to be found. Our hotel is just a few steps from Tonsai Pier.

Our lunch came late. Few hours, we started walking up to Phi Phi Viewpoint. It was too far from what I imagined on a twenty minute walk. It was way longer than that. We reached the top, yet the sun had already shown his best performance. We were late.

Scared  af, we risked walking in the dark back to hotel. Too tired to party, as if I would, we went to a cozy restau after we fixed ourselves for dinner and the Tita in me won to sleep. I’ll enjoy Slinky bar next time.

Day 6: Friday

Maya Bay was on the top of my list going to Thailand. It was the first thing I knew when I was a kid. After reading some online reviews, I lowered my expectations. I live in an archipelago. We were the first to arrive to the site as we started at 5am. The long-tail boat we hired sailed too fast, it would break from banging the water. Maya Bay didn’t amaze me nor my friends. In the end, we didnt pay THB400 fee to walk in the beach.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the snorkling. Few minutes, my friend was quickly moved away from our boat. We took long saving her from sudden waves.

The heat was already on when we went back to Phi Phi. We headed to Dalum Bay after the incident. The view here was stunning. Too bad we only had a night.

By afternoon, we ate while we sailed back to Phuket. We were transferred to our hotel and began our city tour, bringing our luggages with us.

Above is the Wat Chalong while the picture below is the Giant Buddha. A great view of Phuket was a package here. Currently, it’s still under construction.

We also visited both Kata Viewpoint and Promthep Cape.

Yet, we were too early for the sunset. After the tour, we stopped at souvenir shop and went straight to Phuket Airport. We’re almost at the end of our Indochina trip.

Expenses shown below for reference.



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