Indochina: Seven kilos of happiness Part 3

Day 3: Tuesday

From the moment we buckled up, bounded to Siem Reap, I had no memory of how the plane took off or how good was the flight between MY and REP. We arrived at a place that was once had the most powerful civilization in South East Asia.

The sun was there as if he was promising it would be a perfect day to live. We went through IO as usual. There was a transfer service located at the left side when you exit the airport. From there, we met our driver and took his service for two days.

Great things happened. The day was ours to be claimed. Advaya Residence made it possible by offering us an early check-in, room upgrades, food discounts, airport transfer, souvenirs and genuinely modest staffs. They liked us! We had the best stay here for few Pesos. Undeniably, I recommend this place to anyone who would want the same experience. The scent of their shampoo and gel were to die for.

The restaurants in Pub Street were relaxing and had appealing design. The ambiance really helped me to eat more than I could take in a usual meal. Fruit shakes were everywhere and totally appetizing for USD 1 only. We had a quick check on their market, bought some things and went back to hotel for a dip in the pool.

Few hours passed and we were picked by our driver for Sunset Tour. Downside, the sun won’t wait for us. We were in a hurry for minutes of Angkor Wat.

The good thing was that we won’t be queuing in line for the next day to buy a ticket.

We were dropped at the Pub Street and had our dinner. So far, I enjoyed their food. 

Tiniest part in me wanted to stay to have a fun night or might probably imagining it, but I ended up in bed. Well, because I am me.

Day 4: Wednesday

Still dark at 4:30 am, yet everyone was awake and ready. Our driver, Mr. Pol picked us up and we began our Angkor Wat Tour by waiting for the sunrise. I was in a reverie on a way back long before it was a famous attraction, there were ordinary locals who would sit here and be amazed of the beauty of the sunrise. We were plenty of souls waiting from twilight to be blessed by a big star. It’s one by far of moments, I enjoyed being in a crowd.

Angkor Wat alone is a truly amazing on its own location and architecture built many years ago with limited tools. All sites were picture perfect.

The sun had risen and I was with my cousin collecting more pictures and staying away as possible from the crowd.

There were areas unnoticed that were too damn perfect. If I had this in my backyard, I would be having most of my free time here. But of course with someone. I am not brave yet.

Our hotel offered complimentary breakfast. We didn’t have time to go back. There were food vendors and restaurants at the parking area, so one can have breakfast here. We then transferred to Angkor Thom.

The temple of too many faces is what they called Bayon Temple. Unfortunately, I enjoyed less because of H-U-M-A-N-S!

Like how life hits you hard, the heat was too much to bear. I was already panting when we reached Ta Prohm.

Few minutes, we went back to hotel, had our lunch and prepared for our flight to Phuket. We had a connecting trip to Bangkok. Sadly, eating at airport was unavoidable for our tight schedule. We reached Phuket at midnight. I already prearranged our transfer to hotel from Phuket SRC Travel.



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