Indochina: Seven kilos of happiness Part 2

Day 2: Monday

We had a layover to Malaysia for less than 24 hours before we hit Cambodia. There’s a wifi at the airport but my Grab app seemed not working by the time I needed it. I  also had a wrong decision taking Star Shuttle to hotel. We wasted two hours.

Still my option, I chose same hotel I booked the first time I was here. They changed the name and renovated their rooms. Location and price are great deals. The receptionist is a Filipina who was thoughtful not to ask for a deposit.

We went out to tour the city. Too bad for my friends, they wont be seeing Batu Caves. We took a train from Bukit Bintang and started walking from Masid Jamek Station.

The intricate designs of both Jamek Mosque and Sultan Abdul Samad I truly adore wont allow us to see what’s inside. I imagined myself walking alone and wasting my time here, but that didn’t happen.

I found it unsual that there were less tourists. Probably, we’re just a bit late. Few steps, we arrived at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

Offline google map helped us a lot. In times we’re lost, this is our guide. I slayed and survived DIY trips with this. We had our dinner outside the Central Market building. Certainly, I am not a fan of their food.

Instead of going back to hotel, we went straight from Pasar Seni Station to KLCC Station. Still standing is the once tallest building. I initially knew the famous building from Catherine Zeta-Jone’s movie “Entrapment”.  I have long forgotten the story but I still have photographic memory of her at Petronas Towers. A thick crowd was waiting at us. 

We’re all too tired and walking was the least choice we had, or at least for them. I have a long endurance for walking except for hiking. Luckily, we get on the “Go KL Bus” for free and stopped at Pavillion, where in a few seconds, we could crawl to our hotel. Since I was on a 7kg challenge, I gathered and brought all my dirty clothes to my sister who was in here for two weeks for work visit.

The bed at our hotel was inviting but we had no time for it. Few minutes later, we booked a Grab Car to KLIA2. 




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