Kalanggaman Island and many more

Long before it was famous, I dreamt to come to this island and it happened when I purchase Php219 roundtrip ticket to Tacloban. With a help of friend from Leyte, my brother and I joined my couple friends without planned itinerary. This was my last trip for 2016 with only one leave left remaining for december.

Palompon is jump-off point going to the island. My friend rented a taxi for P2K a day to pick us up at the airport and treated us on the island. Going there, you would need to ride a boat. The fee is much cheaper if you live in Palompon, a matter like this, so great finds that I am with her. 

The water was so inviting, it moved with the boat, so prestine and aqua green, I imagined jumping off the boat. 

A perfect afternoon, we were greeted by the matching sun, sky and sand bar.

It was so hot, I didnt fight the sun to reach the end of that sand bar and I surely shall return for the next round.

This is me having a copy of my youth. Good old days to say years from now.

And as I grow older, I seem to have thalassophobia or aquaphobia.  Sandbars are safe. According to my friend, it was named kalanggaman as it looks like a bird from top view.

It’s  best place to waste time and do nothing. We camped and stayed ’til the next morning. The sky was clear. It’s so satisfying to see loads of stars at night, but the latter, we woke up from the angry strong winds blowing and hitting our tents. It rained hard, I felt there was a typhoon, but nothing stopped them from enjoying.

Going back to Tacloban downtown, we passed some churches. St. Francis Xavier church was close that time. Weird.

Since Pope Francis went here after Leyte hit badly by typhoon Yolanda, luckily we stopped over to eat near Palo Cathedral. I got a chance to peek inside and felt blessed.

Before checking-in, we dropped at this famous landmark I used to see only on textbooks. This is the moment when Mac Arthur landed, fulfilling his promise of “I shall return”.

The next day, we woke up early and went to San Juanico Bridge, the longest in my country that connects Leyte and Samar, built under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos.

Better you check this on sunrise. You can walk as if you’re window shopping. Your feet wont get tired. Most people came to jog end to end.

Visiting Leyte, I thought it hasn’t still recovered from typhoon, but they somehow do. The stories of some random locals and drivers were moving. This disaster had marked deep.

I must visit again and will extend my travel to Samar. Next time, go with me…


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