Trip to Mindanao Part 3

Limketkai Hotel in CDO is the only five star hotel in the city. Surprisingly, one night’s stay with breakfast is affordable. The price was also cheaper than Seda Hotel when I made the booking. The room we had was big and non-smoking. The lights made me pretty yipeeeyes. A perfect timing also, that on our stay in weekday, the infinity pool seemed to be exclusively reserved for us. 

On the last day, we opted to go to Dahilayan Adveture Park than going to Tinago Falls. Months before our trip, I was excited that to see Maria Cristina Falls. Way back on elementary days when all you had and could afford were cutout pictures, but time has come, I’ll be seeing it with my own eyes. Too bad, there was a recent bombing at Davao that made Maria Cristina Falls shut down indefinitely. So, I’ll be back to unlock that every Filipino kid’s dream.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located in a sophisticated word of “Manolo Fortich”, Bukidnon. I wonder who named it. The weather is comparable to Baguio. That day was breezy. The Park offers zip lines, base jump and the like.

I aimed for Base Jump but I was kinda scared that time as nobody was trying it, so I took the all zip line package with Drop Zone.

But when I was at the Drop Zone site, the machine malfunctioned. Instead of Php100 refund, I’d rather try Base Jump. I told myself, if I dont do it, I wont be able to try paragliding, bungee jump and sky diving. 

So I jumped… Even in our lives, it is always the first step that we’re too scared to take, the same with this feeling. But when the staff counted to three, I jumped and gave my all…

We went back to CDO and paid the grab taxi driver Php1600 for the service.


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