A trip to Mindanao Part 2

I am a beach lover. Though, I have an upcoming Indochina trip next year which supposed to be of temples, eating and shopping, I’d make sure we’ll sip into the beach of Phuket. 

And this is the highlight of October trip. We woke up early and walked to the port going to White Island. I didn’t expect much but it happened to be the best sandbar I’d ever visited. 

As soon as we arrived, the competition is high. There were so many flocking tourists like me.

We had a good spot and I swam like a pro.  The water is nice by the way. There’s no scary shit everywhere. Sand is awesome.

A couple of hours swimming, the numbers of tourists were depleted. We found ourselves alone, basked in the sun and it was sooooo purfect spelling, no need to be corrected to emphasize the joy  I felt.

Everything was a hastag nofilter picture. The water, the sand, the mountain, the sky and me.

One last look. I’ll come back. I’ll CAMIGUIN. 😚

We had our brunch and went back to CDO.


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