A trip to Mindanao Part 1

​Our flight was rescheduled a week after Typhoon Lawin hit Manila. It was a post celebration of my mom’s birthday. She now doesnt want us to have trips on October. Good thing, our flight was as sunny as incomparable to last week’s dull and rainy days. Sad to say, I wasted Php3000 for two nights airbnb accommodation at Volcano House, Camiguin.

As a traveller, I still choose DIY whenever I can. I have my own time and I dont want to adjust with tour guide.  I am a self proclaimed introvert.

So we began our journey at 4am trip of Cebu Pacific bound to CDO. We arrived at 6am. It was my first time to use grab taxi and I was pleased with the service. It was seven hours and fifteen minutes ride with one hour breakfast and one hour waiting before we reached our hotel. 

We started our tour at 3pm after we had our lunch at Checkpoint Restaurant. I didn’t plan to see all attractions as I am more excited to use my YI 4K camera and tribord easybreath for White Beach.
I took an offer from a passing trike and he handed us to the driver of multicab. We headed to these destinations:

Tongatoc Cove:

Ruins of Old Guib-Ob Church:

Tuasan Falls:

Sto Niño Cold Spring:

Sunken Cemetery:

That was our Day 1.


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