The Never Ending Hello World!

The moon is crescent last time I checked. This is the shot I took long time ago, as I am lazy by habbit to stand up and take a picture. 

It is gone midnight, my brother woke up and asked me to turn off the lights. I have not been sleeping in my own room for months now while currently, I  enjoy typing my first post at WordPress using my Note 5 here in sofa, snugling a pillow with my left boob.. seems uncomfortable with my position. I changed position just now.. and about to face right. So I did. My armleg is itchy. I scratch it. 

12:52 AM. It’s Mama Mary’s birthday I remember without googling.. I googled just to be sure. Then.. I am bored. I feel you. Let’s stop this and read this effing first post next time, or maybe delete this. Dont give a chance to humiliate yourself.

Naah.. I havent given up. By the way, the light was off. It’s decided. Bye for now. 🕐😩😪


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